Saturday, July 7, 2018

The Ophion 786 - Guilloché Dial Beautifully Done

The Ophion 786 is the second release from this independent micro brand. I have had the pleasure of meeting with Miguel and I find his take on timepieces refreshing.

I offer some photos of my OPH 786. For a full article, please head on to Deployant for the inspiration behind the timepiece. The Ophion 786 is my second timepiece from Ophion Watches - the first being the OPH970.

The first thing you focus on is the guilloché dial - a clean three handed timepiece.

The guilloché is done using CNC machines as opposed to stamping. Gives the dial more depth.

Close up of dial - you can see that the light reflects on the guilloché dial. Something you will not find on a stamped dial.

Another close up shot of the guilloché dial.

And when you examine closely, the ring around the dial resembles a sandwich dial.

To achieve the quality of the rings with the cut-out Roman numerals, Ophion opted for laser cutting to achieve this quality. Pardon the dust on the sapphire glass...

The Technotime movement - a symmetrical movement with double barrel to achieve 5 days power reserve.

Another close up of movement. I love that they use the Technotime movement. Something different from the other standard manual winding movements.

And for the price you pay, the movement is nicely textured - a "hand hammered" effect.

Another look at the dial side.

For a timepiece that is just slightly over EUR2,000, I give this timepiece three thumbs up! If you are looking for something unusual, this is it. Dare to be different, pick up the Ophion OPH 786.

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