Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Fashionably Stylish - Métiers d’Art Elégance Sartoriale

Recent launches by Manufacture Vacheron Constantin has been winning new fans and the Métiers d’Art Elégance Sartoriale is heading the same direction. With 5 pieces to choose from, I am certain there is one for every man out there. Any man (with deep enough pocket) who understands style and fashion will want one of this in his collection.

The Boutique only set of five are named according to the pattern. All the timepieces bear the Hallmark of Geneva certification. Just as suits are tailored to fit the man, these timepieces are somewhat bespoke - especially when the Manufacture uses the Guilloché and enamelling techniques on these timepieces. The off centre display allows the full pattern to showcase the beauty of the timepiece. Much goes into making these timepieces - the artistry behind the dial is unbelievably intricate.

The focus is all on the dial. A hand-guilloché dial coupled with a coat of Grand Feu enamel adorns the dial. At different angles, 3D effect of the dial is mesmerising. Just like an impeccably well constructed suit, the dial work is exceptionally crafted. There is the off-the-shelf suit, the tailored suit and the bespoke - this may not be piece unique but the craftsmanship of the dials on these timepieces is as close to bespoke as it can get. The choice of pattern embodies tradition and style. There is the Prince of Wales check pattern in squares, the Herringbone motif, the Window Pane pattern, the classic Pin Stripe and the Tartan pattern make up the 5 different patterns.

The Prince of Wales check is in a shade of raspberry red with squares and vertical and horizontal lines protected by a translucent enamel. If you look closely at the central motif, you can see the details an perhaps understand the craftsmanship that goes into these timepieces.

When one views the dial from different angles, it invokes a different feeling as the texture of the dial comes alive.

Even the centre of the sub-dial is decorated tapestry style. The Prince of Wales check reference 1400U/000G-B215 comes with a white gold case and black alligator strap.

The Herringbone motif is perhaps the most liked motif of all.

The dial comes lavender toned and is also protected by a layer of translucent enamel.

Direct view of the Herringbone pattern. Comes with a rose gold case and Champagne-coloured tapestry motif in the sub-dial.

The central tapestry motif in Paisley in this version reminds one of the pocket square patterns and is easily the most sophisticated and intricate of the lot. Much work goes into engraving the motif which uses a specially adjusted graving tool before being frosted and varnished. The raised and hollowed areas creates an embroidery effect that is truly a sight to behold.

The Window Pane pattern reminds me more of a bar of chocolate than a windowpane, but that is just me.

The 40mm case is made of 18K 5N pink gold and the dial is made of white gold and of course enamelled too.

This one is not one of my favourite, but still very well made given the amount of craftsmanship that goes into handcrafting these dials and applying enamel to it.

Next comes the Tennis Stripes pattern also known as the Pin Stripes.

Rose gold case with an equally golden shimmering dial. The sub-dial at 3 O'Clock is a Champagne-coloured tapestry motif.

The dial is made of 18K yellow gold (surprise, surprise) and the intricate hand-guilloché dial shows through effortlessly.

The Tartan motif is hand-guillochéd and comes in royal blue shade protected by a translucent enamel.

The motif is best seen at this angle and features vertical and horizontal lines weaving in and out.

Examine the edge of the dial and the sub-dial. The details on the Métiers d’Art Elégance Sartoriale series is astounding. To complete the look, the sub-dial at three is rimmed with mother-of-pearl, made to resemble the shirt buttons.

From the front, to the back. The open case back reveals the Calibre 1400. What is interesting is the amount of open space at the back for customisation like personalised engraving.

The manual winding Calibre 1400 is made up of 98 components and is 20.65 mm thick. Movement beats at 28,800 vibrations per hour (4Hz) and has an almost 40-hour power reserve. The movement is hand-crafted according to the stringent criteria governing the Hallmark of Geneva.

So which one is your fav? Personally, I like the both the Tartan and Herringbone motif. I'm partial to blue and I am sure these motifs are also pretty sought after. But I have to say this too - the Prince of Wales check motif looks a lot nicer in the metal. But that is just me. I strongly suggest you head down to the Vacheron Constantin Boutique to view the pieces yourself.

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