Monday, September 5, 2016

Unique Timepieces and Customisation

Some time back in 2009, I met a Singaporean watch enthusiast who wanted to start his own watch brand.

Reeds Tan started Reedsco shortly after our meeting. Prior to our meeting, Reed was already tinkering with customised timepieces. His earlier works were focused much on developing customised dial for timepieces with cushion shaped cases.
 photo Reedsco 14_zpsquvndvk0.jpg

This timepiece comes with a customised python skin strap made by another friend of mine Jason of JnS. The timepiece comes with a screw-in crown for better water resistance.
 photo Reedsco 01_zpsrcml6nmf.jpg

He first started with a "rusty" dial type and then became more adventurous playing with different techniques and experimenting with different mediums. I actually purchased one of them "rusties" but passed it to a friend who had taken a liking of that special piece.
 photo Reedsco 02_zps25xvst8a.jpg

This is one of his later dials, having improved his technique to develop new texture. He tells me it takes it at least one to two weeks to experiment and through trial and error develop specific dial colours.
 photo Reedsco 03_zpsmwjgtxgm.jpg

And the close up of the sandwich dial. Why sandwich you ask? Well the bottom base (white) is luminous and the top dial is textured and placed above the luminous dial like a sandwich. At night, the luminous bottom lights up.
 photo Reedsco 04_zpsuny1qk7r.jpg

It takes lots of practice and patience to develop a dial like this one. Well finished.
 photo Reedsco 05_zpsswkbvssm.jpg

Over time, Reed developed his technique for making lume on his timepieces.
 photo Reedsco 15_zpsmmwlyknl.jpg

And another of his experiment yielded "The Pyramid". Seen here with a strap made from a baseball mitt.
 photo Reedsco 06_zpsmt17uwxu.jpg

According to Reed, he discovered the pyramid dial by accident. It was an experiment "gone wrong" but as with all good inventors, you make do with the circumstances and turn it around. Turn it around he did and he came up with "The Pyramid" dial.
 photo Reedsco 07_zpsh4wqimr1.jpg

Nice texture and colours on the dial. Blessing in disguise I guess. Reed tells me I have the first two pyramid timepieces he made. Let's call them Number 1 and Number 2!
 photo Reedsco 08_zpsjxif7zr5.jpg

A close up of the sandwich dial - well painted and finished.
 photo Reedsco 09_zpsplfpc8ry.jpg
 photo Reedsco 10_zps7cfqzc3q.jpg

And the lume on the pyramid dial.
 photo Reedsco 16_zpsivnynelj.jpg

Now for the case back. The open case back reveals a UNITAS calibre movement. Robust and reliable.
 photo Reedsco 12_zpsvkvk7jm1.jpg

And decently finished too. At least Reed is honest about his work. He tells you what movement he uses, where he sources it from. He does not use an unfinished movement, hide it under a solid case back and hope no one finds out. And oh... gives it a nice sounding name and makes it a Limited Edition and charges you an enormous amount of money!
 photo Reedsco 11_zpslcqf2lx4.jpg

And just so we can wear similar pieces, I had one made for missus - in pink no less and with a red hornback croco strap.
Reedsco Pinky photo ReedWatchPinky01_zpsb5d6ac56.jpg

These are trendy pieces and are good value for money. Reed makes them affordable - that has always been his goal. To make timepieces that are reliable and affordable. With his Reedsco range, he is fulfilling that dream.