Saturday, October 17, 2015

The Next Logical Tudor Heritage Black Bay

Since the launch of the Tudor Heritage Black Bay with the Red and then subsequently the Blue, it was a matter of time they returned to their roots - relaunching the Black.

The party began with the unveiling of the new timepiece. And then the stars came out to play. Do you know who they are? Hint, hint... Mediacorp twin artistes.

But I digress... the feature is the watch. Here on the wrist of a Tudor Star.

The Heritage Black Bay Black on a strap. I love those golden rimmed hands.

And one on a bracelet.

As with many Tudor timepieces, they make honest watches and at very reasonable price points. The Heritage series is no exception. Definitely a good timepiece to start one's collection off with. Perhaps they should release a set of three - Limited Edition, numbered.