Saturday, August 22, 2015

Jaquet Droz - Master of Enamel Dials

When you think of the brand Jaquet Droz, enamel dial comes to mind. And not just any enamel dial - a two toned one at that!

A friend of mine actually owns one of these beauties. The timepiece is limited to 88 pieces and a certificate informing the owner that the dial is a special batch of two toned dial.
 photo JaquetDrozGrandeSecondeEmail04_zps4b6e417c.jpg

The certificate informs the owner that the timepiece comes with a cream coloured "grand feu" enamelled dial and the ivory coloured applied "grand feu" enamelled subdials.
 photo JaquetDrozGrandeSecondeEmail05_zps76c7060f.jpg

Enamel dials are difficult to make. Some say the success rate is as low as 40 to 1, that is for every 40 dials, only one make it. And this is for "normal" enamel dials. "Grand feu" enamelling is a rather sophisticated technique that only a few practitioners have managed to master. After several layers of enamelling can the master transfer the Roman and Arabic numberals unto the dial prior to the final firing in the oven.
 photo JaquetDrozGrandeSecondeEmail06_zpsea6ac9de.jpg

This particular model features two different enamelling processes and three separate enamelled dial and subdials brazed together.
 photo JaquetDrozGrandeSecondeEmail11_zpse9d09752.jpg

The Grand Feu technique takes patience and skills to achieve a close to flawless dial. The artisan applies the oxides and fires the dials in the oven several times to achieve a consistent dial.
 photo JaquetDrozGrandeSecondeEmail12_zps601fe989.jpg

As I understand it, the brand does not make two toned dials anymore. Just too difficult to make them. The rejection rate is close to 99% and allows the production of only 1 to 2 pieces per month.
 photo JaquetDrozGrandeSecondeEmail01_zps584b45cc.jpg

The back features an automatic calibre and a well decorated rotor. The movement has a power reserve of more than 60 hours.
 photo JaquetDrozGrandeSecondeEmail08_zpse6e761c4.jpg

The Grande Seconde two tones has lots of presence - the beauty of the enamel and the two toned dial is just stunning. The 43mm case is just nice to show off the enamel and gives proportion to the two off-centre dials.
 photo JaquetDrozGrandeSecondeEmail13_zpse07d8867.jpg

You can see that the dials are not perfect ie there are still spots here and there. Some say that if the enamel dial is perfect that it is not enamel - there is still so much that humans can achieve. And enamelling is an art plus lots of science of getting it at the right temperature. But somehow, I think it is more art than science.

I am happy for my friend who owns this unique limited edition - I think it will be a long while before Jaquet Droz will come up with two tone dials again.